8 DIY Back To School Supplies

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Complete your list with cool DIY back to school supplies that will help anyone get through another school year from DIY pencil pouches, DIY lunch totes, and more! You won’t run out of ideas and projects to work on before school starts this year.

1. Back To School Striped Mason Jars

You can use these back to school striped mason jars to organize your school supplies or have it as greeting gift for your teacher on the first day of school. Nothing beats a gift that is full of surprises; you can fill them with candy or useful things, like chalk.

2. No-Sew Colored Pencil Rol

Staying organized is one of the keys to success, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. Create this easy, no-sew colored pencil roll to keep your pens and pencils organized.

3. DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Lovers of all things sparkly and beautiful vibrant colors will adore these DIY glittery graphic pencil cases. They’re the perfect way to get your tween excited for even the most boring assignments.

4. No-Sew DIY Lap Desks

It goes without saying that a laptop has now become a big part of being a student. From online research and late-night writing, your laptop is your best friend during the school year. Get comfy with it by creating this DIY lap desk – it’s no-sew, so pretty easy.

5. DIY 10-Minute Notebook

If you’re a fan of the old-fashioned way of taking down notes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy whipping up this simple DIY 10-minute notebook. This sweet and easy project is best for utilizing random leaves of papers to make an easy-to-carry, lightweight pad of paper.

6. DIY Notebook Canvas Tote Bag

With just basic sewing skills, you can easily show everyone what a serious student is made of with this clever canvas tote bag. Carry all your school essentials in this cute and cool tote bag.

7. DIY Whiteboard Calendar

Keep yourself on schedule with this chic DIY whiteboard calendar. Because you can change the number to match the date of each month. This way, you’ll save space, paper, and best of all, your sanity.

8. Feather Pens

Say bye-bye to your plain and boring pens and say hello to these nifty feather pens. This super easy craft will make you the most unique note-taker in the entire room.